Logo Trung Nguyên E-Coffee


Trung Nguyen E-Coffee is the coffee world retail chain of Trung Nguyen Legend Group – where the quintessence of 3 coffee civilizations is converged: Ottoman – Roman – Thiền (Meditation) was launched from August 2019.

Since its establishment, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee has quickly created a strong franchise boom, becoming No. 1 choice of more than 1,000 partners and present nationwide. Trung Nguyen E-Coffee is considered as an optimal solution for the business community, starting with coffee, from office employees, grocery store owners – traditional coffee shops, college students, companies in fields of franchise, culinary, tourism, transportation and retail… all can join the cooperation as our partners.

Not only possessing flexible design for all locations, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee also has a cooperation policy of maximizing benefits for all partners from cooperation package policy to programs of training support, consultancy and operation… Moreover, with a special product system including more than 100 delicious energy coffee products and tools for brewing following three civilizations of coffee – life-changing precious books – nutritious bread, Trung Nguyen E-Coffee creates a miniature coffee world, allowing coffee lovers to experience a full range of products at home, office, restaurant …