Philosophical Coffee Banner


The Japanese have shaped Tea Ceremony into morality of the nation, a living art conveyed through enjoyment of a cup of tea. Meanwhile, Vietnam – the world’s second biggest coffee power, possesing the best Robusta coffee beans in the world, has a long history in hundreds of years of coffee enjoying culture, but up to now, Vietnamese coffee value has been still in the low segment, mainly exporting raw materials and has not been properly shaped the inherent position of the industry and the nation.

With the desire to bring Vietnam’s coffee industry to a new height, raise the value of coffee not only as a regular drink but also at the level of cultural coffee, artistric coffee, spiritual coffee … to philosophical coffee, worthy of the position of the coffee power of the world – Trung Nguyen Legend Group has spent time and enthusiasm for many years to research history, culture, art … of coffee in all fields of human life so that coffee becomes “Philosophical Coffee”.

During the journey of formation and development of Trung Nguyen Legend, the spirit of commitment to serving the community has always been the nucleus through many action programs to build great aspirations and great mindset for the nation. In order to build a new position for Vietnam’s coffee industry on the world coffee map and on this Journey, Trung Nguyen Legend wishes to join hands with national strategic decision makers so that Vietnam can soon become a mighty and influential country all over the world!

“The Japanese did it!
The Vietnamese also can do it and do it better!”