HCM City, the 12th day of February 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Trung Nguyen Legend Family all over the world.

In the face of an outbreak and spreading of acute respiratory infections caused by the nCoV virus in many countries around the world, including Vietnam and the countries where we have representative offices, distribution partners, more than ever, all members of the Trung Nguyen Legend Corporation’s family need to demonstrate our Organization’s Love – Totalism and Wisdom to our colleagues and the community in and toward the regions suffering from the pandemic. This attitude needs to be expressed through each individual and every unit of the Corporation globally, through concrete and practical actions that demonstrate our utmost responsibility to the community and society.

Firstly, our Corporation would always accompany the community in a joint effort to prevent the spread of the pandemic and minimize its impact on many aspects. Join hands with the community to ensure the highest safety and stability in all aspects of social life with the best ability of the Organization – worthy of the trust of the community for Trung Nguyen Legend.

Second, all the Brothers and Sisters in leadership and management roles should be proactive and unified to have specific, appropriate, stable and optimal actions to ensure business targets and production activities of the whole Corporation. We would always monitor the situation of the pandemic, comply with guidance and regulations of the authorities to proactively ensure maximum safety for our employees, customers and partners. All Brothers and Sisters need to show a high level of Love – Totalism – Creativity in coordinating actions to deliver the best possible results.

Third, we always engage with and encourage our Shanghai Office (China) Brothers and Sisters, who face the direct heat of the pandemic. We are always a solid cohesion among all Trung Nguyen Legend family members, in China and globally.

In the face of difficulties, every member and every unit of Trung Nguyen Legend Corporation has to be constantly and steadfastly implementing the Strategic mindset of Difference – Specialty – Uniqueness; demonstrating that the Mindfulness Lifestyle – The Wisdom way of Living is a way of life that helps humanity to achieve Prosperity and Authentic Happiness.

This is also the time when the Brothers and Sisters need to demonstrate our whole-heartedness, stability in all aspects, determination to deliver set business targets, promoting image – marketing – communication activities – outperform the key action plans of the year 2020.